Best large survival machetes

A machete can be an indispensable survival tool and sometimes even a “must have” depending on your environment. Designed for rough use, good machetes are very durable and are excellent tools for a lot of survival tasks like clearing brush, chopping wood, building your shelter, processing large game and of course self defense. However, be aware that if you are planning to use your machete for self defense, you should keep in mind that some machete styles are better fitted for that task than others. For example Parang, Panga and similarly styled machetes do not have an optimum blade tip for thrusting as opposed to a machete style like Kukri with it’s spear type tip.

The following top ten list features the best large machetes in styles like Latin, Kukri, Parang and Panga, with blades over 15″ in length. and $10-$70 price range.

Condor El Salvador Machete

Our Top Pick as the best large machete is Condor El Salvador Machete. Condor Tool & Knife company stands for exceptional quality, old world hand craftsmanship and incredible value… and Condor flawlessly exemplifies this with this machete. With a razor sharp 18″ high carbon steel blade with 1/8″ thickness, the El Salvador is an outstanding quality machete and a tremendous value.

  • Blade: 18″ length, 1075 high carbon steel, epoxy black powder coating
  • Handle: 5″ length, micarta material
  • Weight: 2.17 Lbs