Best folding knife under $200

While compiling the list of top 10 best folding knives for less than $200, we compared the critical characteristics that determine the quality and value of a pocket folder side by side. We analyzed blade quality in regards to steel type, finish, edge retention, etc. ease, smoothness and speed of deployment, frame construction, locking mechanism stability, handle comfort and security, balance and even the pocket clip, to see how the competition stacks up. At the end we were left with 3 Benchmade knives, 3 Spyderco folders, 2 SOGs, a Zero Tolerance tactical and an Al Mar knife that took the honor of the top pick in it’s class.

Al Mar SERE 2000

Our Top Pick as the best folding knife under 200 dollars is SERE 2000 by Al Mar, world renown as one of the strongest tactical folders in existence. The VG-10 blade is frighteningly sharp and the textured G-10 handles feel very secure in your hand. SERE is simultaneously a practical tool and a beautiful art piece. The combination of top grade materials, superb craftsmanship and impeccable design make this folder the best in class.

  • Blade: 3.625″ length, 0.15″ thickness, VG-10 steel
  • Handle: 4.875″ textured G-10
  • Weight: 5.9 Ounces